A-Level by Algorithm or Why One Size Does Not Fit All

We all knew that A Levels had not been sat.  We knew that there would be an assessment system based upon an algorithm utilising past performance and a rating system.  At Barnhill middle and senior leaders assiduously poured over sophisticated assessment systems, investigated quality of books, moderated their conclusions in departments and with Senior Management and finally agonised over rank order of the students.  What we were not aware of was just how blunt an instrument this algorithm would turn out to be. Continue reading

A New Howl (for Allen Ginsberg)

At the end of a year that has been like no other, we thought the final blog of the year should be something different. The piece below was penned by Rob Campbell, one of the group who helped establish Headteachers’ Roundtable in 2012, for you to read, enjoy and reflect upon. It is an ode to all of you whose commitment to their schools, pupils, staff & communities has been unwavering in the most challenging of times. It comes with our thanks.

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Ofsted’s Trust Problem

Ofsted’s recent announcement that it will start visiting schools and colleges has been met with incredulity by the profession.  The inspectorate yet again seems out of touch with the current reality.  So deep is the mistrust that exists, in many parts of the profession, Ofsted has felt the need to emphasise that they will have “collaborative conversations, without passing judgement … and provide constructive challenge”.  Possibly, suggesting a contrast with what usually happens during an inspection?

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Landing On the Other Side – Part II (your responses) from @RosMcM

At a recent meeting of the core group of @HeadsRountable thinktank it was agreed that headteachers feel they are ‘in the trenches’.   Pondering this @vicgoddard blogged to ask heads across the country for their thoughts, on three key questions:

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No Child to Go Hungry #FSMPlus200

The moment seems right to insist that we stop holiday hunger for good.  Every child should have sufficient nutritious food to eat, every day.  Schools play a vital part in ensuring that this happens during term time with the funding provided to them for free school meals.  However, during school holidays there is no long term funding commitment and our poorest children are going hungry and poorly nourished.

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