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In our view, establishing a National Baccalaureate for England is a policy gift for anyone responsible for taking our education system forward.  Thankfully, we don’t have to wait.  Schools and colleges can get started right away.

The National Baccalaureate for England now exists as a framework for ensuring all learners have a rich, broad curriculum experience throughout their school life, giving recognition for all their achievements.

The model is simple:  Core Learning + Personal Project + Personal Development Programme.

Details about the Nat Bacc core principles can be found here:

Ideas for Getting Started can be found here:

We are very much looking forward to the National Baccalaureate Summit at Priory Ruskin Academy in Grantham on Friday June 30th.

We’ll be hearing from schools in Lincolnshire and Oxfordshire that have developed the model and discussing the practicalities schools should consider in joining us in our piloting process.  This applies to primary and secondary schools…

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An alternative view of funding….Monty Python’s Life of Dave. By Dave Whitaker (@davewhitaker246)

Deciding levels of funding for children in Alternative Provision (AP) is a complicated and sophisticated process ………


Dave: This bloke won’t haggle.

Dave’s Finance Manager: Won’t haggle?!

LA Officer: All right, do we have to?

Dave: Now, look. I want twenty for that kid Continue reading

From Liam Collins on 3 June 2017

Titled @Geoffbastin @Bayliss4BB @jpkemp94 @Jolph @HuwMerriman what are your views on plans for new grammar schools? #compfuture
Liam pens an open letter to parliamentary candidates with respect to the potential introduction of new grammar schools. Liam highlights the issues regarding their possible impact upon existing schools.


Liam Collins is a member of the core group of Heads’ Roundtable. He is a headteacher of a rural comprehensive secondary school in East Sussex.

‘Great teaching’ and the National Recruitment Team & Fund by Rob Campbell (@robcampbe11)

All schools need great teaching…

It is not just an aphorism that great schools need great teaching to impact the most on students’ learning. Research has identified that when it comes to student achievement, of all the school-related factors, teachers matter most (RAND, 2017). Teaching can have two or three times as much impact as other factors such as leadership, facilities and support services. Continue reading

The HTRT Doorstep Manifesto #GE2017

Initial plans were in place for a Headteachers’ Roundtable Think Tank this summer; slots were being booked to host fringe events at the political parties’ Autumn Conferences and we planned to launch our Education Manifesto in November 2017, the mid-point of this five year fixed term Parliament.  Then Theresa May announces a snap General Election; the best laid plans of mice and men. Continue reading