Conflicted Inclusion? Ofsted’s New Framework and SEND

My first impressions after reading through the draft Ofsted framework, I am glad this is a draft!  There is no subtlety in the construction of these (defensive) documents in telling us that children/ young people with SEND were an afterthought.  Despite its assertions for its existence, you don’t have to read too much to identify that its purpose is still as disjointed and conflicted as ever, negatively impacting on its role to promote inclusion. Continue reading


“What I would like to see happen in 2019?” by Raj Unsworth (@rrunsworth; Blog 11 2018-19)

What I would like to see happen in 2019?

HTRT colleagues were asked to put together a quick 100 word statement in response to the above question. I’m afraid mine has turned into a short blog so please bear with me!

As an experienced trustee/governor I would like to see more equity, equality, fairness and transparency in education in 2019. Continue reading

“Ten Tips for Settling In to Leadership” by James Eldon @EldonPrincipal (Blog 10 2018-19)

In September I started my second headship. Some thoughts about being a new leader… Continue reading

What Would You Like to See Happen in 2019? (Blog 9 2018-19)

Continuing our theme of hopes for the New Year, here are a some more thoughts about what we would like to see in education in 2019.  If you think similar; join us for the HTRT Summit 2019. Continue reading

Hoping for Change in 2019 (Blog 8 2018-19)

If nothing else Headteachers’ Roundtable is an eclectic bunch of school leaders.  A simple challenge; what are you hoping for in Education in 2019; 100 words …. go!  Here’s the first set of thoughts with more to follow in a couple of days.  What would you have said? Continue reading