“CEO – what it seems to be, what it isn’t and what it might be” by Rob Campbell (@robcampbe11; Blog 6 2018-19)

The role of the CEO in state education in England is a relatively recent one. Six years ago, multi-academy trusts were just emerging and there were still relatively few CEOs. There are currently 1534 MATs, each who is led by someone who is (whether formally designated or not) a ‘CEO’.  This means the role is firmly established on the education landscape and, presumably, here to stay for quite a while.  Yet its emergence has largely been an improvised one. Continue reading


“The logic of confidence or what we should expect from our schools” by Duncan Spalding (@duncanspalding; Blog 5 2018-19)

How can you tell if a school is any good? Look at its Ofsted report. That will tell you all you need to know about educational standards at any given school. It will give you an accurate and balanced perspective on how every school is doing. Failing that, look up its performance tables entry. That will tell you everything about how well its pupils achieve. Attainment, progress, attendance, progression rates – you name it, it will give you chapter and verse. An unambiguous and clear portrait of a school’s strength and weaknesses. Continue reading

When #LittleExtras Will Simply Not Be Enough (2018-19 Blog 4)

We might be relentlessly reasonable, patient and polite but we are not daft. Unsurprisingly Headteachers are intelligent educated people. We get the politics at play here. A budget overshadowed by Brexit. Most of the spending promised as capital not revenue to prevent ongoing spending burdens for the Department of Education. Continue reading

“What I have learned about school improvement” by Ros McMullen (@RosMcM; Blog 3 2018-19)

  1. It is not the same thing as a dramatic improvement in results.

It is possible to effect a dramatic improvement in a school’s results and our accountability system puts demands on our most vulnerable schools to do this.  OFSTED inspections rely very heavily on published data and inspection outcomes are extremely high stakes for school leaders and governing bodies. Continue reading

“Worth More” by Helen Keenan (@hbkeenan; 2018-19 Blog 2)

I have worked for 34 years in 10 schools in 4 countries, across 3 continents and in umpteen roles from supply teacher to Headteacher. I have worked in non-selectivestate schools and in international schools teaching kindergarten children through to 19 year olds.   Continue reading