“We Need You” by @keziah70

It’s not often that I agree with Vic Goddard, but being a Headteacher really is the best job in the world. Continue reading


As the Funding Crisis Deepens

As the funding crisis deepens for schools across the country we have submitted written evidence to one of the Education Select Committee’s inquiries on funding.  We will be meeting with members of the committee on the 5th June to press this among other issues.  We will hopefully also be called to give oral evidence as well. Continue reading

Time to Radically Reform Ofsted

On Wednesday 28 March 2018 a conference held in the UCL Institute of Education, University College London titled, RADICAL IDEAS TO TRANSFORM OFSTED.  By all accounts it was a barnstorming affair. Continue reading

Sailing the ‘C’s of Educational Leadership by @HelenaMarsh81

‘Rough seas make the best sailors’. A leadership analogy that many head teachers will recognise. It’s the times of complexity and challenge that really test you as a school leader – the things that they don’t teach you on NPQH that require you to dig deep and use your moral compass to guide you through a battering experience. Continue reading

Time to Get Rid of Supply Agency Transfer Fees

With school budgets beginning to hit critical, across the country, too many schools are using scarce resources to fatten the profits of supply agencies.  The use of “sign on or transfer” fees by supply agencies is something that rightly annoys and frustrates many school leaders. Continue reading