Detoxifying our profession by dealing with the root causes of the current recruitment and retention crisis

As Ros McMullen, founding member of the Head teachers’ Roundtable, articulates in SchoolsWeek’s feature launching our doorstep manifesto: ‘It is the interplay between (factors) that creates the crisis’. Employment practices affect recruitment and retention but ultimately it is working conditions that affect staff motivation and morale that attract and keep teachers in the profession. Continue reading

GUEST BLOG: “I’m a PfI – Get me out of here!” from Andrew Chubb, @SALT_CEO

The whole subject of PfI-financed public buildings seems to be back in the news again – currently with a focus on hospitals , whose PfI “mortgages” are leading to serious cuts in services.

“Mortgage” is an appropriate term to use in this context – made up of two French words “mort” (meaning death) and “gage” (meaning pledge), PfI contracts feel like just that – a financial death pledge.  Sadly, too many of our colleagues running schools know this experience only too well.  However, it is possible to challenge, renegotiate and even in some cases terminate these contracts.  This is our story…. Continue reading

Our Letter to Ofsted and the Inspectorate’s Response

In June 2019, Headteachers’ Roundtable and WorthLess? submitted a joint letter to Amanda Spielman HMCI with a series of questions crowd sourced from thousands of headteachers and school leaders.. Continue reading

“Solving the recruitment crisis with love, honesty and humanity” by @NavSanghara

Solving the recruitment crisis with love, honesty and humanity.

During my pool-side reflection time over the summer, I found my thoughts floating towards staff I have had the privilege of working with, both past and present, within the trust and beyond, and all that they have taught me about myself professionally and personally – there was lots of reflecting! My thoughts then began drifting onto new staff joining our trust, those who have left and the ones who have chosen to stay. The question I kept coming back to was ‘why’. Continue reading

“Disappointment” by @BinksNeateEvans September 2019


The naming and validation of feelings is essential in helping children to understand their feelings, to aid self regulation and as they develop, an appropriate level of emotional literacy. It works with adults too. Continue reading