“Living And Leading Without The Badge” by @BarlowCaroline; Blog 16 2018-19

There’s a story in our family which everyone loves as it proves how difficult I was as a child. It involves me being thrown out of The Brownies. The 8-year-old me, resplendent in brown and yellow uniform, apparently asked quite pointedly, why it was necessary for us to dance around a tin-foil pond when we could all see it was not real. Continue reading


“A New Hope or The Empire Strikes Back?” by David Whitaker (@davewhitaker246; Blog 15 2018-19)

Ofsted, funding and all the other stuff that bugs us in special schools…

Sometimes it feels like it is a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Here, good battles evil and dark lords are moving around the galaxy imposing rules that seem to encourage rebellion. But rebellion is not easy and it feels like uprisings can be quashed at every turn by decisions that are made without thought or care for the people it impacts upon. Continue reading

“In the window” by James Eldon (@EldonPrincipal; Blog 14 2018-19)

I was out for a coffee the other weekend with a close friend who isn’t in education and he asked me how work was, I offered some platitudes and concluded with the sentence ‘but we’re now firmly in the Ofsted window’ and expected this to lead to a moment of silence and empathetic unity but it didn’t really chime and we moved onto discussing the small matter of the political break down of the UK.

How to explain what ‘being in the inspection window’ feels like to anyone not in education? Continue reading

“Who Let the Dogs In?” by Rob Campbell (@robcampbe11; Blog 13 2018-19)

It’s been a silent and stealthy occurrence. Without a strategic plan or a national campaign, quietly it’s happened – dogs are invading our schools. Continue reading

Facing the Challenge of Ofsted’s New Framework for Primary Schools

The proposed Ofsted framework for 2019 is here. How can primary school leaders embrace the curriculum opportunities it brings? Continue reading