SATs resits at secondary school: Jon Chaloner (@Chaloner88)

Imagine if we tested every child at the end of their first term in secondary school…  Continue reading

A Perfect Storm: Jarlath O’Brien (@JarlathOBrien)

The new National Funding Formula has been a topic of significant discussion in recent months for Headteachers, business managers and governors and will be the defining issue facing schools in the next five years as its impact will affect every aspect of schools’ operations. Unsurprisingly I have serious concerns about funding for SEND, in more broad terms, both in mainstream schools and in the special school sector. Continue reading

Reminder from 6 months ago today: A Room Full of Positive People Can Make A Difference #HTRT2016

There’s a lot you can achieve when a large group of positive people come together.  Headteachers from across the United Kingdom who have met to discuss the progression of an alternative education white paper have urged the Government to make the recruitment and retention of teachers its number one priority. Continue reading

Retention: ‘Look after the people and the percentage will look after themselves’ by Helena Marsh (@HelenaMarsh81)

One of my first forays into blogging was entitled: People not percentages ( Written around the fateful August publication of GCSE results, it warned about losing sight of the ‘main thing’ in education or being hoodwinked into believing that statistics serving the latest accountability measure were ‘the main thing’. Continue reading

Schools that probably won’t work for everyone by Rob Campbell (@robcampbe11)

So the Second Edition of the current Government has set out its stall and if the rumours are to be believed, it very much reflects the stamp of the Prime Minister as much as (and possibly even more so) than the Secretary of State. The Green Paper, launched back in September, has attracted much discussion and debate. Not being shy to voice its opinions, the HTRT has pulled together a submission that reflects its collective views. So what are they?

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