“What I have learned about school improvement” by Ros McMullen (@RosMcM; Blog 3 2018-19)

  1. It is not the same thing as a dramatic improvement in results.

It is possible to effect a dramatic improvement in a school’s results and our accountability system puts demands on our most vulnerable schools to do this.  OFSTED inspections rely very heavily on published data and inspection outcomes are extremely high stakes for school leaders and governing bodies. Continue reading


“Worth More” by Helen Keenan (@hbkeenan; 2018-19 Blog 2)

I have worked for 34 years in 10 schools in 4 countries, across 3 continents and in umpteen roles from supply teacher to Headteacher. I have worked in non-selectivestate schools and in international schools teaching kindergarten children through to 19 year olds.   Continue reading

“What should we do to re-establish Teaching as the First Choice Profession?” by Caroline Barlow (@barlowcaroline; 2018-19 Blog 1)

A blog based on contributions to a session for Heads’ Roundtable at Wellington Festival 2018

No one can deny that currently, teaching is not the number one career of choice for many young people. We know this year a third of new teachers left the classroom within five years. Thousands left to work in international schools. Teacher training places lie empty for the sixth year in a row. Simply surviving the exam results in a remodelled system has been an achievement despite archaic approaches to accountability. Schools are chronically underfunded, yet just at the point when unity is paramount; the parsimonious pay rise secured has been thrown into the PRP pit created by previous governments allowing a feeding frenzy of division and discontent within the profession. Continue reading

“Stop Boiling the Frog” by @duncanspalding

Lifeworld and systemworld.

The following blog is taken from the work that I recently did for my MEd course. In researching values driven leadership in English co-operative secondary schools, I explored ethical leadership and school culture in some detail. In doing so I came across the work of Thomas Sergiovanni and in particular his thinking about the elements that go together to help create school culture and ethos. Continue reading

Sufficient and Fair Funding for Every School #stillnotlistening

Apparently, schools have never had it so good.  There’s more money than ever before and record numbers of teachers are available to work in our schools. This view from Government and the Department for Education lacks credibility and for many schools and their head teachers, our experience is very different.  Continue reading