HTRT Doorstep Manifesto for General Election 2017

Our Children’s Education…Our Nation’s Future

Our nation’s future – whichever Brexit we have – is inextricably linked with the quality of our children’s education. 

This general election is likely to see education discussed more by politicians and the electorate than at any election since 1997.  The reasons are simple and of huge concern:

  • Rising class sizes and more limited support for children due to funding cuts;
  • A shortage of teachers as recruitment targets are missed and too many teachers leave the profession at a time we have ever increasing numbers of pupils coming into our schools and;
  • Ensuring we have a school place for every child in a well maintained school building.

We believe sufficient school funding, the supply of enough great teachers and maintaining school buildings to a high standard must be the direct responsibility of any elected Government.  The Secretary of State for Education should be held accountable for these three key areas.

Too often politicians have failed to focus on their responsibilities; instead, they have followed personal preferences, such as the creation of new grammar schools or providing free school meals for all – rather than what really matters – creating the conditions to ensure high quality teaching.

The creation of more grammar schools, along with, inevitably, hundreds – possibly thousands – of secondary modern schools, will be hugely damaging to the nation’s children.  A second class education for the many, particularly, but not exclusively, for those from more disadvantaged backgrounds, is not just educationally unacceptable but morally and economically disastrous.

The current Conservative Government has held a consultation on new grammar schools but refuses to publish the results. Yet the evidence is overwhelming: selection damages the quality of education a nation’s children receives.  What we must demand is a high quality education for every child, not selection and privilege for the few.

Quite simply, what every child requires is a great teacher teaching them. 

Our challenge was to provide a straightforward, useful document for parents, grandparents and professionals to use, on the doorstep, to help you ask the important questions of our prospective Members of Parliament and Local Councillors on two key issues:

  • Ensuring our schools are properly funded;
  • Ensuring the supply of great teachers to our schools.

Keep education the key issue in this Election; our nation’s children deserve it!

A copy of the HTRT Doorstep Manifesto is here – HTRT Doorstep Manifesto – Digital Version

Please share far and wide, thanks.

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