HTRT General Election 2019 Manifesto

Sufficient Great Teachers & Funding; Protection for the Vulnerable; High Levels of Professional Trust & Ethical Leadership

Our children and grandchildren are amongst the most important people in our lives; we consider their futures when thinking about who to vote for.  We want the very best for them and value: their health, their education, the opportunities afforded them and the world they will inherit. 

Schools, colleges and high needs providers have faced a challenging few years.  It is difficult not to have noticed high profile stories about inadequate levels of funding; gaps between groups of children ever widening and school leaders and teachers leaving the profession, due to excessive pressures and unmanageable workload.

This December, your vote can really make a difference.  Please listen and speak to all your local prospective Parliamentary candidates and look at the information they provide.  Here are some ideas we believe would improve the education of our children.

Downloadable PDF version of HTRT Manifesto 2019 – HTRT GE Manifesto 2019

Executive Summary

Every parent wants a good teacher in front of their child; every pupil needs a good teacher if they are to thrive and flourish. We currently do not retain enough of our teachers; too many leave the profession after a few years.  This makes it impossible to recruit enough teachers to fill the gaps and this is getting worse.

The new Government must deal with the root causes of the current teacher retention and recruitment crisis facing schools.  The negative impact of the high-stakes, cliff-edged accountability system; excessive centrally driven change and the impact on the decisions made by school leaders all need to be systematically addressed.

Education needs to be a priority for financial investment. Our children have only one chance of education and must not suffer due to insufficient funding and the postcode lottery of different funding levels.  Misleading and confusing information about school funding must stop.

The new Government must introduce a ten year budget for schools, post-16 and high needs provision (2020-2030) that reverses the real term reduction in budgets and provides additional funding to meet the needs of our children.

Our Education System must ensure that the most vulnerable children have their needs met. Parents, of children with special educational needs, face a system that is overly complex and varies too much by postcode.

The new Government must commit to ensuring sufficient funding and provision for the increasing complexity number of children with special educational needs, including access to mental health care.

Parents trust school leaders, teachers and the support staff to do the best for their children. Politicians must also show this high level of trust and reform the high stakes accountability system which is damaging our schools.

The new Government must commit to a long term extensive review of the accountability system and remove all aspects which are damaging to or have a perverse impact on schools and the quality of education offered.

Society needs and parents expect all schools to be responsible, ethical and inclusive. System ‘drivers’ must reflect the ethical behaviour of the overwhelming majority of school leaders & teachers and challenge the few who do not play their part.

The new Government must ensure that the reviewed accountability system recognises the challenges of working with the most vulnerable and in the most challenging areas.  Contextualised or comparative measures must be used to ensure schools that take the greatest numbers are recognised and not punished.  All schools need to see the most vulnerable and challenging children as part of their core mission.


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