“Every school has different challenges”; united by funding pressures? Vic Goddard (@vicgoddard)

Since we became an academy the run up to Christmas has been about more than keeping lessons focused, carol concerts and jumpers; it is also the time of year that I need to get the final audited accounts in to the EFA.  To be honest it isn’t the most fun I have in the job!  Continue reading


It’s time to get serious about recruitment: Ros McMullen (@RosMcM)

Ros first wrote this some time ago for the Labour Teachers website in pre-Brexit days but, as you can see her recommendations remain relevant today and have informed our thinking.

I am getting really bored of hearing the old excuse that we are in a recruitment mess because the economy is picking up.

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SATs resits at secondary school: Jon Chaloner (@Chaloner88)

Imagine if we tested every child at the end of their first term in secondary school…  Continue reading

A Perfect Storm: Jarlath O’Brien (@JarlathOBrien)

The new National Funding Formula has been a topic of significant discussion in recent months for Headteachers, business managers and governors and will be the defining issue facing schools in the next five years as its impact will affect every aspect of schools’ operations. Unsurprisingly I have serious concerns about funding for SEND, in more broad terms, both in mainstream schools and in the special school sector. Continue reading

Reminder from 6 months ago today: A Room Full of Positive People Can Make A Difference #HTRT2016

There’s a lot you can achieve when a large group of positive people come together.  Headteachers from across the United Kingdom who have met to discuss the progression of an alternative education white paper have urged the Government to make the recruitment and retention of teachers its number one priority. Continue reading