Flat Cash Ed Hell

The only other time I felt such a deep sense of “I’m not trained for this” was on the arrival of my first child. This week, engaging with interviews for TV and Radio as the story of schools’ funding finally hit national headlines. Continue reading


Do some children matter more than others? Be proud and champion SEND! by Dave Whitaker (@davewhitaker246)

It’s time the tide turned and all schools began to champion their work with children who have SEND. In fact, it’s time the government began to champion schools who look after and educate our most vulnerable children. Clearly, according to the school accountability measures, some children matter more than others.

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The big funding question …. Will we be better off or will we be worse off with the government’s new proposals for a National Funding Formula? Sally Hamson (@SallyHamson)

Last week I decided to investigate our funding for last year compared to the new proposed figures, as per the National Funding Formula (NFF) consultation document. The anticipation was high! Continue reading

“Every school has different challenges”; united by funding pressures? Vic Goddard (@vicgoddard)

Since we became an academy the run up to Christmas has been about more than keeping lessons focused, carol concerts and jumpers; it is also the time of year that I need to get the final audited accounts in to the EFA.  To be honest it isn’t the most fun I have in the job!  Continue reading

It’s time to get serious about recruitment: Ros McMullen (@RosMcM)

Ros first wrote this some time ago for the Labour Teachers website in pre-Brexit days but, as you can see her recommendations remain relevant today and have informed our thinking.

I am getting really bored of hearing the old excuse that we are in a recruitment mess because the economy is picking up.

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