Trapped: The State Sanctioned Black Market in Professional Time

I was inspired to write this short blog after seeing some slides produced by a friend and colleague, Phil Wood (A founder member of HTRT). It made me think about the term I have chosen for this title and how relevant it is to the work we do in schools today. Put simply, it is impossible to run a successful school without staff working longer than their contracted time. Continue reading

“Safeguarding – we aren’t doing enough, are we?” by Vic Goddard (@vicgoddard)

By writing this I am simply avoiding doing my preparation for the second of three days of admissions appeals. An occurrence that is quite common throughout the year but the key year 6 into 7 ones are always the most stressful. I have had the disappointment of not getting the first choice as a parent so I do understand how it feels; I think that probably makes the whole process even more uncomfortable. Continue reading

“The deciding factor: why we need to be trained in ethical leadership” by @duncanspalding

“The thing that struck me most when I first became a headteacher 14 years ago was…”

For the remainder of our latest blog from Duncan Spalding please click this link:

Duncan is a member of the Core Group of HTRT and is the (non-academy) Executive Headteacher of Aylsham Learning Federation (Aylsham High School, Bure Valley School and John of Gaunt Infant and Nursery School)


Lost Leaders (the sequel) by Helena Marsh @helenamarsh81

It has been a week marked by political leaders stepping down from office. The Prime Minister has officially ended her tenure and the short-lived leader of the Change UK party quit her leadership role and the party. Both women, arguably, had an impossible job to do resulting in their decisions to resign. Continue reading

Worthless? & HTRT 12-point letter to Ofsted’s HMCI (6 June 2019)

6th June 2019

Dear Ms Spielman,

You may recall that on behalf of the Headteachers Roundtable and ‘Worth Less?’ campaign groups, we wrote to you with concerns and proposed amendments to the new Ofsted Framework. We were disappointed that the points raised by so many headteachers only elicited an automated response. Continue reading