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“What I’m learning about workload and looking at things differently” by @RosMcM

At our recent summit I attended a great workshop where Professor Becky Allen outlined the problem so clearly: it is us who have allowed this to happen – we have been the agents through which this awful audit culture has taken a grip in our schools. It isn’t our fault necessarily; but it is certainly our problem! And, as we have been the agents through which this was allowed to get a grip, we must the ones to dismantle it. Continue reading


“Money grows on the tree of persistence” from @BarlowCaroline

Call me a hopeless optimist but I am starting to believe that it is possible the campaign for fair and sufficient school funding could bear witness to this Japanese proverb. An Education Minster has acknowledged “School Funding is Tight” and “we need to be getting behind teachers”. There is a chance of moving beyond the tired rhetoric of “more money than ever in education” and the insistence school leaders simply ‘find efficiencies’. Continue reading

To close or not to close that is the question? by @BinksNeateEvans

Over 3000 schools have shut nationally over the last few days. This much is true. Each school will have considered their unique circumstances very carefully. Schools are not wrong to close, they are not wrong to stay open. They are only wrong if they do not have a carefully thought through rationale. It is rarely opportunistic and despite the view of some, it’s actually quite stressful because we know the knock on effects all too well. Continue reading

Time to Go Upstream

“There comes a point when we need to stop just pulling people out of the river; we need to go upstream and find out why they are falling in.”

Desmond Tutu

The second HTRT Summit was held on Friday; looking across the river to the Houses of Parliament.  This is a summary of my opening remarks.  It’s an attempt to describe the point from which we started the day’s discussions. Continue reading

“Bad at teaching” by @keziah70 Keziah Featherstone

When I started my first teaching post in 1995, I was bloody awful. I think I got the job in a rather challenging Birmingham School simply because I showed up. No one came to observe me until the January – when a nice Ofsted Inspector walked through the door and left giving me a “satisfactory” judgement. I was made up. Continue reading