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Hoping for Change in 2019 (Blog 8 2018-19)

If nothing else Headteachers’ Roundtable is an eclectic bunch of school leaders.  A simple challenge; what are you hoping for in Education in 2019; 100 words …. go!  Here’s the first set of thoughts with more to follow in a couple of days.  What would you have said? Continue reading


Open Letter to @DamianHinds from #HTRT

We live in extraordinary times.  Whilst fully aware that much Parliamentary time will be given over to discussions about Europe; there are pressing and substantive issues that need addressing with respect to education. Continue reading

When #LittleExtras Will Simply Not Be Enough (2018-19 Blog 4)

We might be relentlessly reasonable, patient and polite but we are not daft. Unsurprisingly Headteachers are intelligent educated people. We get the politics at play here. A budget overshadowed by Brexit. Most of the spending promised as capital not revenue to prevent ongoing spending burdens for the Department of Education. Continue reading

As the Funding Crisis Deepens

As the funding crisis deepens for schools across the country we have submitted written evidence to one of the Education Select Committee’s inquiries on funding.  We will be meeting with members of the committee on the 5th June to press this among other issues.  We will hopefully also be called to give oral evidence as well. Continue reading

Time to Get Rid of Supply Agency Transfer Fees

With school budgets beginning to hit critical, across the country, too many schools are using scarce resources to fatten the profits of supply agencies.  The use of “sign on or transfer” fees by supply agencies is something that rightly annoys and frustrates many school leaders. Continue reading