The HTRT Education Manifesto Launch May 7th


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Following the process outlined earlier this year, we received over 50 responses from different people making suggestions for policies and for some of the principles that should guide us.  Taking those ideas on board and adding them to our own, we have now produced a 10-proposal manifesto, covering five key policy areas. Although deliberately sparse, we believe that our proposals represent a coherent roadmap for a system that provides A Great Education for All.

We will be publishing the manifesto on May 7th, one year before the General Election in 2015. You will find it here on our website. Once published, we’re hoping that people engage with the ideas and help us to develop the implementation plans that will follow, leaving comments with constructive suggestions.

We’ve had a commitment from the Secretary of State that he will engage with the manifesto and give us his response.  We discussed this with Michael Gove when we met the three Michaels in February.  We have also sent the manifesto to Tristram Hunt and David Laws and look forward to hearing their views as well.

Thanks to everyone who made contributions.

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